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E-mail: dave@davhenco.com
Mold Damage, Water Damage, Odor Control, Fire & Smoke Damage
Serving North Carolina and Virginia Since 1985
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We know what problems can exist when a disaster strikes to a home or business and  
what it takes to mitigate or to remediate the situation.

The question has to be asked, are you willing to do the work yourself or hire an
untrained person to handle these situations. When you hire an untrained person to
perform these services its like hiring a person to perform surgery without any training.

We have been called into situations where people had no idea in what they were doing
and had to correct the situation. This is when more damage had occurred from
someone not knowing the different techniques and procedures that had to be applied.

Yes mitigation and remediation work is an expensive proposition, but the cost for the
training and equipment is the reason for such a cost.

Everyday, you will have people starting a business in the cleaning and restoration
industry, but how many have taken the time for the training, taken the exams for
certification and have the proper equipment. These are few of the reasons to have a
trained and certified technician to perform these situations.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider DAVHENCO INC.
Why to Consider DAVHENCO INC.
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