Mold from Water Damage

Floor Mold-WordpressThis project was from a church fellowship building in Virginia.

This damage was from frozen water pipes within the building. The information we received on this damage, was that the water had been running for several days. The main damage was to the basement area of the building.

Lambsburg Project 014-WordpressBefore we could start the project of remediation, the floor joist and sub-flooring had to be tented and a dehumidifier had to be ducted into the tent. This was to expedite the drying of the floor joist and sub-flooring, because they had a moisture content of 100%.

After several days of drying, where we got the moisture content down to 8.9%, then we could proceed with the remediation process.

The process for remediation was:

Lambsburg Project 039* Removed the tent for remediation

* Soda Blast thefloor joist and sub-flooring

* HEPA VAC the floor joist, sub-flooring, walls and floor of the basement

Then applied a fungicide to all the      areas that were HEPA VAC in the basement.

We were able to take a Category 3 Water Damage, Class 3 Water Damage, Condition 3 Mold Damage (Actual Mold Growth) and returned the back to Condition 2 Mold (Normal Ecology).

This is the goal of performing Mold Remediation.Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.


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